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Your wedding is...

A milestone in your relationship with a very special person with whom you will build your futures together. Whilst there are some serious aspects to your wedding, overall it should be a time of celebration, happiness and indeed fun, leaving you with nothing but cherished memories of that special day in your lives. So why do you need a professional wedding toastmaster?

One of the finest ways to ensure these things happen is to engage the services of a qualified and experienced wedding toastmaster. He will not make things pompous or formal, but simply ensure that your day goes the way you want it, free from stress but full of enjoyment. Having a professional wedding toastmaster also adds that ‘touch of class’ that sets your ceremony apart from the others.

Once you have booked Mike’s services, his work begins, by meeting with you both to discuss your wedding planning and offering all the advice and reassurance you need on traditions, timings and speeches. He will be further be available to offer support on wedding etiquette, or any other matter, at no extra charge, at any time leading up to, and during your special day as requested.

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies

Some of the many things that Mike can do to help you with your wedding arrangements...

On the day, your toastmaster will arrive at the venue well in time to liaise with the banqueting staff, check that all is well and arrange timings. Think of Mike as your family friend who is there to support you both. Whether you have forty or a thousand or more guests they will warm to Mike’s good humour and relaxed approach as he sensitively guides the occasion. A visible point for any help or advice, Mike ensures that the focus remains on the Bride and her Bridegroom and their families the whole time.

Stress-free Weddings

Making sure…

Should your wedding ceremony be at a different location to the reception, he will welcome your guests and direct them to the appropriate places, answering any queries they might have.

Wedding Toastmaster Lincolnshire

Accept and take care of any gifts and cards

Welcome the bride and bridegroom upon their arrival at the receipt

Liaise once more with the banqueting staff to ensure all is running to plan

Mike offers to include, at the Bride and Bridegroom’s wishes, the ‘Ceremony of the Loving Cups’. This is an ancient traditional ceremony dating back to Saxon times. He can alternatively provide his vintage sword, both to lead the Bride and Bridegroom into the room and to use whilst the cake is cut.

Mike will be delighted to describe these options further, which are at no extra cost, but which will make your wedding stand apart and provide some wonderful photographic opportunities.

Michael Fieldhouse, Professional Toastmaster covering a diverse range of weddings and ceremonies